What is a combi boiler (short for combination)?

A combi boiler provides central heating for your home and heats water in one compact size unit.

  • Hot water - They don't require a water storage tank; instead, water comes directly from the mains. It gets heated in the secondary boiler's heat exchanger and delivered directly to the tap. It only heats the water when you need it.

  • Centra heating - When hot water is not needed, they heat your home, allowing water to flow from the primary heat exchanger through your central heating radiators or underfloor heating pipes.

  • Power - Combination boilers are available in different sizes and heat outputs, making them suitable for small properties like small studio flats and large family homes with multiple bathrooms.

  • Regulations - In April 2018, Building Regulation, known as "Boiler Plus," was introduced, meaning that all boiler installations must include a timer and room thermostat. Also, combination boiler installations must have one of the following extra energy efficiency measures:

  • Flue gas heat recovery systems

  • Weather Compensation

  • Load Compensation


Posted in Central heating & radiators on Oct 12, 2020.