Central Heating Power Flush in London

We offer a top-quality service and our rates for a power flush and radiator cleaning in London are highly competitive. If you need to power flush your central heating system, contact us today!

Power flushing is a process of cleaning your radiators, boiler and pipework leading to improved efficiency. The simple principle is to circulate a mixture of cleaning chemicals and water at very high speed and low pressure to remove debris from the system. A power flush pump can be connected to the heating circuit in place of the central heating system pump, boiler or radiator. This allows the central heating system to be thoroughly cleaned of lime scale and corrosion debris.

Why do heating systems need a power flush?

If your heating system has any of the symptoms detailed below it will almost certainly benefit from a power flush.

  • Radiators require frequent bleeding
  • Central heating system is slow to heat up
  • Cold spots on radiators
  • Discoloured and dirty water in radiators
  • Radiators have perforations and leakages
  • Boiler makes kettling noises
  • Boiler failure or lockout
  • Central heating system pump noise
  • Central heating system has repeated pump failures
  • Warm water in the header tank
  • Blocked radiators
  • Reduced heating output

How does dirt enter a central heating system?

Over time your radiators and pipes accumulate dirt, corrosion, limescale and rusting. It comes from the inside of the pipes, radiators and boiler. A power flush will remove this build up of sludge from within the central heating system. It also increases the efficiency of the heating system and reduces your gas bills. By taking the strain off the pump and heat exchanger, a power flush can prolong the life of a boiler and central heating components. A power flush can reduce boiler noise and remove 'cold spots' in your radiators.

Benefits of a power flush

A power flush can reduce gas bills, make a boiler more energy efficient and therefore more environmentally friendly. A power flush by one of our heating engineers in London will restore circulation and efficiency to your central heating system by removing undesirable by-products. This simple cleaning process purges the system, replacing aggressive water with clean water, which is chemically treated with corrosion inhibitors to help prevent similar problems in the future.

There are many other benefits to giving your central heating system a power flush, including:

  • Lower gas bills
  • Increased heating and hot water efficiency
  • Radiator heat output restored
  • A clean heating system
  • Removal of aggressive water
  • Elimination of boiler noise
  • Helps boiler warranties
  • Power flush completed within the day (depending on system size)

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