Leaking Bath Problems?

Leaking baths can cause a lot of problems in a house, especially when the bathroom is not on the ground floor. Bath leaks can damage the floor joists below and even cause ceilings to collapse if left too long.

Common causes of bath leaks are:

  • Bath is not supported
  • Bath trap fitted incorrectly
  • Overflow pipe loose
  • Bath is damaged (cracked)
  • Broken seal between bath and tiling
  • Bath tap loose

  • A common problem is a broken silicone seal between the bath and wall tiles. To fix the problem, sometimes it is not enough to apply new silicone. If the bath has any movement, it has to be supported from underneath with a wooden frame.

    Not responding promptly to a bath leak can damage the floor, ceiling and/or walls.

    Posted in Plumbing on Aug 01, 2019.