Cheap boiler servicing

Some older non condensing boilers are simpler in design and the servicing process might be the same every year, for example; non condensing heat only boilers (open vent with a hot water tank and small feed and expansion tank in the loft). The servicing process is simpler and is more like a safety check rather than a full service. Most of the time, this type of boiler does not require much doing to it. Inspecting the burner and electrodes (pilot if there is one), is easy because of the boiler design. This type of boiler servicing could easily be achieved in an hour and you could expect to pay for only 1 hour’s labour for the heating engineer. In this case, cheap boiler servicing is almost equal to having a boiler safety check and is entirely suitable, and where no faults are found, is sufficient. When servicing any boiler it is important to follow manufactures instructions.

Some non condensing boilers could be installed using a sealed system. This type of system has a hot water cylinder and no feed and expansion tank in the loft, instead there is a red or grey expansion vessel with a pressure gauge. When servicing the boiler, the expansion vessel is often forgotten or ignored. While this part is not located in the boiler it still should be part of the boiler servicing process. It is important to check expansion vessel charge before topping up the system pressure with water. Checking the expansion vessel requires partially draining the heating system to achieve zero pressure.

Let’s move onto modern condensing boilers. There are a few types of these boilers:

  • Heat only (open vent or sealed)
  • System boilers with an internal expansion vessel
  • Combination boilers with an internal expansion vessel

This type of boiler is more complicated in design. The servicing process can be slightly different depending on the boiler make and model. While the boiler is new some manufacturers do not require an opening heat exchanger every year, but cheap boiler servicing (safety check) many years in a row may not be suitable for your boiler and checking important parts might be missed.

Whilst carrying out full boiler servicing, we find many boilers in bad condition despite having a long boiler servicing history. We often see heat exchangers full of dirt, deteriorated electrodes, expansion vessels that have never been checked, all leading to boiler failures and unnecessary call-outs for boiler repairs while faults could have been found during a full boiler service. Below are some pictures showing examples of cheap boiler servicing where customers have said they have had an annual boiler service. We can only take a customer’s word for it but we do not believe that any boiler serviced once a year would show the amount of deposits and electrode deterioration illustrated below.

It is tempting to search for cheap boiler servicing and it is great if you can find someone doing cheap full boiler servicing while inspecting all the important boiler components, not just doing a safety check. Modern boilers can often pass a safety check whilst not having been serviced properly many years in the row, but sooner or later it the boiler will break down – usually at the most inconvenient moment.

If you book an engineer you have never used before for a boiler servicing, you should expect to answer some questions before you get a fixed boiler servicing price. For example;

What is your boiler make and model? How old is your boiler? When was it last serviced?

Some boilers can not be fully serviced if combustion chamber seals are not available. One example includes some models of the Worcester Bosch Greenstar which has a combustion chamber that cannot be opened and even electrodes inspected if seals are not available. So when booking an engineer for cheap boiler servicing, they should be prepared to do a full service if required, in case partial servicing is not adequate.

Posted in Plumbing and heating cost on Feb 06, 2020.